Hernia Surgical Mesh Implant Lawsuits. Hernia Surgical Mesh Implant Attorneys in Cleveland

Hernia Surgical Mesh Implant Lawsuits

What Is Surgical Mesh?

“Surgical mesh is a medical device that is used to provide additional support to weakened or damaged tissue. The majority of surgical mesh devices currently available for use are constructed from synthetic materials or animal tissue,” per the FDA.

According to drugwatch.com, “Surgical mesh was designed in the 1950s to correct abdominal hernias. The woven material is placed below the skin to patch the abdominal hole and block intestines and other tissues from protruding through the abdominal wall.”

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Hernia-Related Surgical Mesh Complications

In 2012, the FDA said the most common adverse side effects of hernia mesh were “pain, infection, hernia recurrence, adhesion [scar tissue bridging a cavity], and bowel obstruction.” Regarding the latter, Livestrong stated, “When placed inside the abdominal cavity, mesh may become stuck to part of the bowel. There is usually no negative effect, but in some cases, the mesh can kink the intestine and cause a blockage, which requires surgical correction. It is also possible for mesh to erode through the wall of the intestine, leading to leakage of bowel contents.”

Patients had also reported mesh migration and mesh shrinkage to the FDA, who told readers that recalled mesh products were to blame for the more serious complications. A June 3, 2014 safety alert stated the same.

A February 2014 WebMD article said obese patients would be better off getting stitches than a combination of stitches and mesh since mesh increases the risk of infection.

Surgeon Says Surgical Mesh Pain Ruins Lives

In 2012, a surgeon who removed plastic surgical mesh from a 32-year-old man suffering severe pain told KTVU reporters that “[i]t honestly ruins lives… When scar tissue builds up around it [the mesh], it shrinks. When it shrinks, it pulls on those tacks, causing horrible pain.”

After reviewing studies, KTVU said as many as 5 million Americans are left to suffer this chronic pain post-surgery. Another doctor told the station that surgical mesh problems are due to the fact that surgeons don’t know how to use it and the FDA hasn’t offered them any guidance.

“[It is] a source of collective professional embarrassment that we have not done a better job of studying these materials,” he said.

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