Lidocaine Injuries. Lidocaine Lawyers in Cleveland

Lidocaine Injuries

What Is Lidocaine?

Peace Health defines lidocaine as “a local anesthetic (numbing medication)” that “works by blocking nerve signals in your body.” According to MedicineNet, “Lidocaine starts working within 90 seconds and the effects last about 20 minutes.” Injections are given to numb an area before surgery or insertion of a catheter or breathing tube, but they can also be administered as an epidural during labor.

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Lidocaine Side Effects & Emergency Situations

Typical side effects appear as skin afflictions, such as redness, red or purple polka dots, swelling, warmth, and, less typically, bruising or bleeding, per If lidocaine causes a person to faint or stop breathing, or if the drug affects his or her pulse, that patient should go to the emergency room.

Ohio Woman Files Medical Malpractice Lawsuit After Lidocaine Causes Arrhythmia and Anesthesiologist Neglects to Notice

A patient’s face turned blue after a cyst removal procedure in which lidocaine was administered. A nurse noticed the discoloration; the anesthesiologist did not. According to the September 25, 2014 article, he was looking at an electronic device in his hand. The article did not state whether that device was his cellphone.

Per the patient’s lawsuit, a tourniquet is supposed to prevent lidocaine from escaping “into the systemic circulation. The tourniquet is hooked into the tourniquet machine/generator, which inflates the cuff, monitors the inflation of the cuff, and monitors the duration of the inflation of the cuff. The inflation and deflation of the cuff are controlled by a dial on the generator. If the cuff malfunctions or deflates itself, an alarm sounds.”

But no alarm sounded, and the patient coded, Outpatient Surgery stated. She was resuscitated but suffered cardiac arrest, anoxic brain injury, and was hospitalized for more than three weeks. She now suffers speech and memory problems.

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