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Bedsore Injuries

What to Do If You or a Loved One Suffered Serious Bedsore Injuries

By studying Medicare patients, researchers have determined that bedsores increase the risk of hospital readmission and death, per “[I]ndividuals at the highest risk are those with existing chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure, pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, as well as those on steroids,” the article stated. Furthermore, nearly 5 percent of those patients developed a bedsore while in the hospital. Of the 3,000 patients who were admitted with a bedsore, 16.7 percent developed another one during their stay.

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How Do Bedsores Occur?

“Neglect is the silent killer in nursing homes,” CBS News has stated. “By some estimates, malnutrition, dehydration, bedsores, and infection—caused by neglect—account for half of nursing home deaths and injuries.”

“New research is suggesting that the battle against bedsores requires a team approach, enlisting everyone from nurses and nursing assistants to laundry workers, nutritionists, maintenance workers, and even in-house beauticians,” stated in 2008.

Yet, in 2014, nursing home residents continue to die from the pressure ulcers. This wouldn’t happen if, as the Times’ bedsore overview stated, staff members changed the patient’s position every couple of hours, kept the patient’s skin dry, fed the person well, and ensured that he or she did not become dehydrated. But many nursing homes say they’re understaffed and overworked. Sometimes, that truly isn’t their fault.

“As [private equity firms] have acquired nursing homes, they have often reduced costs, increased profits and quickly resold facilities for significant gains,” said in 2007. “The typical nursing home acquired by a large investment company before 2006 scored worse than national rates in 12 of 14 indicators that regulators use to track ailments of long-term residents. Those ailments include bedsores and easily preventable infections, as well as the need to be restrained. Before they were acquired by private investors, many of those homes scored at or above national averages in similar measurements.”

Currently, one woman who was awarded $110 million in the nursing home neglect death of her mother in 2010 is still trying to figure out who to collect from.

“Collection was thwarted through a complex transaction that sent Trans Healthcare’s liabilities to a shell company called Fundamental Long Term Care Inc., which had no assets, while creating a solvent nursing home chain that was protected from judgments,” attorneys told reporters.

Defendants have denied trying to escape liability, according to the September 22, 2014, article on

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