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Birth Injury Lawyers in Cleveland Ohio

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Having a baby should be an exciting time, but joy can quickly turn to tragedy when an injury occurs. Birth trauma has been linked to serious, lifelong health complications that can cost families millions in medical care, equipment, and specialty childcare.

If you suspect your baby was hurt during birth, you need an experienced birth injury law firm in your corner like The Mellino Law Firm.  

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Landmark Birth Injury Cases

The Mellino Law Firm helped make legal history for Ohio injury victims in landmark cases like: 

  1. Moskovitz v. Mt. Sinai Medical Center (1994)
  2. Watkins v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation (1998)

Providing Compassionate Legal Representation for All Types of Birth Injuries

We represent families affected by all types of birth injuries, including:

  1. Cerebral palsy
  2. Shoulder dystocia
  3. Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
  4. SSRI birth defects
  5. Cephalohematoma
  6. Brachial plexus injuries
  7. Preeclampsia
  8. Caput succedaneum
  9. Broken bones
  10. Bruising and/or forceps marks
  11. Scalp lacerations from vacuums

What Our Clients Are Saying

"The Mellino Law Firm went over and beyond to accommodate my family. Although nothing could change what we forever have to deal with, they made sure that the proper people were held accountable." -- Brittney C.
"The Mellino Law Firm took the worst thing that ever happened in my life and handled it with such professionalism, care, and charisma. They take the time to explain things and do their absolute best to receive the most rewarding outcome and nothing less." -- Riley M.

"Your kindness, understanding, and immense compassion truly helped our family get through a terrible event. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts." -- The Wadas Family

Signs Your Child Suffered a Birth Injury

Your child may have suffered an injury at birth if they have:

  1. Low Apgar scores
  2. Inconsolable crying
  3. Arched back while crying
  4. Labored breathing
  5. Difficulty feeding
  6. Light sensitivity
  7. Hearing loss
  8. Fever
  9. Vomiting
  10. High blood pressure
  11. Low heart rate
  12. Jaundice
  13. Low iron
  14. Inability to gain weight
  15. Difficulty moving one or both arms
  16. Visible bruises or lacerations
  17. Spasms or seizures
  18. Motor skill delays
  19. Speech delays
  20. Mood swings
  21. Intellectual disability

Causes of Birth Injuries

Injuries during birth can be caused by several factors, such as:

  1. Prolonged labor
  2. Breech presentation
  3. Cephalopelvic disproportion
  4. Cesarean delivery
  5. Failure to recommend cesarean when the baby is distressed
  6. Using tools to assist in delivery, such as forceps or vacuums
  7. Internal fetal monitoring

What to Do If You Suspect Your Child Was Injured at Birth 

If you think your child may have been injured at birth, here are four things you can do to protect them:

Ask Questions

Start by asking the people who were present during your child's birth what happened. Have staff who witnessed the delivery walk you through the process from start to finish and don’t be afraid of asking questions to clarify something you don’t understand.

Gather Evidence

Request a complete copy of your child's medical records from your obstetrician and the hospital where they were born. Keep this in a safe place and continue adding to it whenever you visit a new doctor or medical center. Getting copies now establishes a paper trail that you can go back to if your child’s digital records are changed or come up missing. 

Get a Second Opinion

It's not uncommon for hospitals and medical professionals to be reluctant to discuss potential malpractice. You may meet resistance when asking questions about your child's health or if any mistakes were made during their delivery. Request a second opinion or take your baby to a different hospital where they can be evaluated without bias.

Call a Birth Injury Lawyer

Contact an experienced Cleveland birth injury attorney as soon as possible after learning your child may have been harmed during delivery. Your lawyer can advocate for your family’s legal rights while you’re still in the hospital and will ensure you are treated appropriately.

Birth Injury Statistics

  1. Scalp injuries account for 80% of all birth injuries. (The Journal of Pediatrics)
  2. Injury to the brachial plexus occurs in 3 out of every 1,000 live births. (Boston Children's Hospital)
  3. There are nearly 550 infant deaths for every 100,000 births. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  4. In 2022, the preterm birth rate was 10.4% and the highest in 10 years. (March of Dimes)
  5. The death rate of babies born to Black birthing individuals is almost 2 times the national rate. (March of Dimes)
  6. Maternal mortality has almost doubled since 2018. (March of Dimes)
  7. 15.5% of birthing people in the U.S. receive inadequate prenatal care (March of Dimes)
  8. Each day during 2020, nearly 800 women worldwide died from preventable causes due to pregnancy and childbirth. (World Health Organization)
  9. Nearly 95% of these maternal deaths happened in lower income countries. (World Health Organization)
  10. Mothers who receive professional midwife care are 24% less likely to have a preterm birth and their babies are 16% less likely to die during delivery. (World Health Organization)

Frequently Asked Questions About Birth Injuries

How long do I have to file a birth injury lawsuit in Ohio?

In Ohio, you have 1 year after your child's injury occurred or one year from the date the injury was discovered to file a lawsuit. This is called the statute of limitations. For example, if your child doesn't show symptoms of their birth injury until the age of 2, then you will have until they are 3 to file your claim.

What are the benefits of hiring a birth injury attorney?

Working with a birth injury lawyer can give your family peace of mind while dealing with an extraordinarily difficult life event. They can help preserve critical evidence and alert you to problems with your baby's current care so they can be resolved without further harm to your child.

Get the Caring Support You Need from Our Qualified Ohio Birth Injury Lawyers

The Mellino Law Firm has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for families of children who were injured at birth. Our team of zealous and highly qualified medical malpractice attorneys are committed to fighting for the justice and fair compensation your family deserves. Call today at (440) 333-3800 to book your free initial consultation.

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What our clients say. Our family was extremely fortunate to have Mellino Law represent us. Chris and his staff worked tirelessly to make sure justice was served. The compassion they showed helped our family find some solace in this tragic event. We truly appreciated the honesty Chris used throughout this process.
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