5 Common Myths About Cancer That Could Result in Ohio Malpractice January 20, 2012.

Because cancer has become such a prevalent disease in recent years, many people have misconceptions about the causes, treatments and prevention.

Listed below are 5 common myths you may hear regarding cancer:

  1. "Today’s medical technology can detect all cancer." Even though great advances have been made in medical screenings, a wrong diagnosis or cancer misdiagnosis can still occur.
  2. "My doctor has been trained to identify every type of cancer." Because there are so many different varieties of cancer your physician could be unaware of the tests and treatments available for these diseases and could give you a cancer misdiagnosis.
  3. "Regular check-ups are sufficient to act as early detection." While there is no question that regular visits to the doctor can increase your chances of early detection of cancer, doctors can still make mistakes. A missed cancer diagnosis could happen no matter how often you visit the doctor.
  4. "All cancers are detected the same way." Some cancers require special tests that if your doctor fails to order, could result in a wrong diagnosis.
  5. "A biopsy will find my cancer." If a biopsy is not performed properly or is not taken in the right place a cancer misdiagnosis can happen.

If you believe you were misdiagnosed with cancer or that your doctor missed a cancer diagnosis you could be eligible to file a medical malpractice claim. A lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio, could look at your case to see if you qualify.

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