5 Important Factors Pertaining to Informed Consent in Ohio February 15, 2012.

If you are wondering what is informed consent and if the lack of informed consent could qualify as a case of malpractice, you should seek legal counsel. A Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer will take the time to evaluate your case carefully and determine if you may have a valid claim worth pursuing.

Informed consent is the act of a doctor providing information surrounding a diagnosis and possible treatments. It is also the act of a patient having the right to consent to or deny the treatment.

Here are 5 important factors pertaining to informed consent:

  1. purpose and nature of the medical procedure or treatment plan;
  2. risks and benefits of opting out of a medical procedure or treatment plan;
  3. risks and benefits of the proposed procedure or treatment;
  4. alternative procedures or treatments (regardless of cost and the likelihood of insurance covering it); and
  5. risks and benefits of alternative types of procedures or treatment.

All of these factors will play an important role in the patient being able to make an informed decision concerning the route he or she should take after being diagnosed with a medical condition.

To learn what qualifies as informed consent, a definition of it can be explained by a lawyer. Contact a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer to learn if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing.