5 Safety Tips When Taking Medication in Cleveland, Ohio June 14, 2012.

You may take it for granted that the medication your doctor has prescribed is safe and necessary. However, it’s important to know everything you can about the medication you are taking, whether it is over-the-counter or a prescription.

The following are 5 safety tips when taking medication:

  1. know the name of the medication and the reason for taking it; ask about common side effects and when it would be necessary to call a doctor;
  2. know the right dosage, when it should be taken, and any other special instructions (such as taking it with food, storing in the refrigerator, etc.);
  3. let your doctor know if you are taking other medication (including supplements) so they can keep track of your medications and determine if any may cause harmful interactions;and
  4. have all of your medicines filled at the same pharmacy.

When a doctor prescribes a medication and it leads to an allergic or harmful reaction, it could be that your medical history wasn’t taken into consideration. Or they may not have noted the other medicines you are taking. This may be considered a form of medical negligence and could lead to the filing of a claim if you are seriously injured.

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