5 Tips to Avoid Pharmacist Malpractice in Ohio February 1, 2012.

Many medication errors occur because some prescription drugs have similar-sounding names and the doctor handwriting is not always legible. This can lead to medical settlements through a professional malpractice claim against your pharmacist, whether he or she is working at a hospital, clinic or drug store.

5 Tips to Avoid Professional Malpractice in Ohio

Even though you may be able to collect compensation for the damages, an injury cause by medical malpractice can be life-changing.

By following these few tips you can hopefully avoid becoming a victim of pharmacist malpractice:

  • when you’re handed a prescription, ask your doctor the name of the medication, the dosage and its purpose;
  • ask your doctor how often the medication should be taken and how it should be stored;
  • if you’re in the hospital, have a friend or relative inquire about the name and purpose of the medication you’re given;
  • whenever your doctor writes you a new prescription, tell him or her about any other medication you’re taking (prescription and over-the-counter); and
  • always ask questions, especially if the name on the label differs from the name you expected.

If you’ve already suffered harm because of pharmacist malpractice, you should speak with a malpractice lawyer in Ohio, who may be able to help you seek medical settlements if negligence can be proven.

Help From a Malpractice Lawyer in Ohio

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