5 Tips When Choosing an Ohio Malpractice Attorney January 29, 2012.

If you’ve been injured by medical negligence and are considering pursuing a malpractice claim against the professional or practitioner responsible, you’ve probably already realized how difficult it will be to move forward without the assistance of an Ohio malpractice attorney in your corner. With the number of Cleveland, Ohio attorneys on the rise, however, it can be difficult to choose.

Here are 5 tips for choosing a malpractice attorney who is right for you and your case:

  1. take advantage of the free consultation to ask questions;
  2. seek out attorneys who primarily handle medical malpractice cases or who have an extensive background in medicine;
  3. select an attorney who you feel comfortable communicating with, and who you consider to be an effective communicator;
  4. ask about billing up front, and never be afraid to ask questions about how you’ll be charged or how your settlement will be handled; and
  5. don’t sign anything at the attorney’s office the first time you meet him or her. Take your notes and documentation home with you to consider before you make your final decision.

Not only can an attorney help you determine if your claim falls within the parameters of what’s considered medical malpractice, but he or she can also pursue additional avenues of recovery for you.

For instance, if the pump that administered a drip to you via IV was working improperly, there may be a case for defective product liability. Whatever the case, it’s imperative that you feel comfortable with your choice in attorney.

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