5 Ways to Avoid Being the Victim of Ohio Medical Malpractice in a Hospital May 23, 2012.

When spending time in a hospital for any reason, the type of care that will be provided is usually not at the top of mind. Most assume they are in good hands.

While that is true in most cases, the reality is that a stay in a hospital can lead to additional illness or injuries that are the result of negligence or some type of medical mistake. However, there may be ways to avoid this.

Here are 5 ways to avoid being the victim of medical malpractice in a hospital:

  1. choose a hospital that is known for treating your condition or performing the procedure that you require;
  2. ask those who are caring for you if they have washed their hands (while it may sound too direct, it could avoid the spread of infection);
  3. before undergoing a surgical procedure, make sure that you and the surgeon are clear on the details of what will be done (may prevent surgery on the wrong site);
  4. speak up if you have questions, concerns, or don’t understand something; and
  5. before you are discharged, make sure you understand the follow-up care plan, including any medicines you will take.

You have the right to ask questions and take control of your care when you are spending time in a hospital. It could even prevent a serious medical mistake.

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