6 Tips to Help Prepare for Your Surgery in Ohio May 25, 2012.

When facing surgery, some anxiety and worry are normal. Undergoing an invasive procedure is difficult enough without concern that something could go wrong.

While there are inherent risks to any type of surgical procedure, there are other risks that can be avoided, such as medical mistakes. Surgical errors happen more often than you might think. But there may be ways to prepare for your surgery that may reduce the chances of a mistake.

Here are 6 ways you can help prepare for surgery:

  1. make sure the surgeon performing the procedure is experienced;
  2. if you are sick before having the surgery, talk to your doctor about this (it may require postponing it);
  3. educate yourself about the potential complications, post-op care, and precautions that should be taken;
  4. seek a second opinion;
  5. consider whether the benefits of the surgery are greater than the risks; and
  6. ask about any potential complications that you may experienced.

As a patient you have the right to ask questions, to express your concerns, and to make sure you understand everything that is going to happen. You should never feel rushed when you are discussing your surgical procedure with a doctor.