8 Questions to Ask Before Giving Informed Consent in Ohio February 18, 2012.

The act of a doctor providing information on a patient’s medical condition and proposed treatment plan is important when it comes to informed consent. A patient can make an informed decision on how to proceed with a treatment plan only if he or she has a thorough understanding of what to expect.

If you believe you were not provided the opportunity to exercise informed consent, contact a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer. An attorney will explain what your rights are and determine if they were violated.

Here are 8 questions to ask before giving informed consent:

  1. Why are you proposing the procedure or medical treatment?
  2. What risks are associated with this procedure or medical treatment?
  3. What are the benefits to the procedure or medical treatment?
  4. Are there alternatives to what you are suggesting?
  5. What are the risks of any alternative procedures or treatment?
  6. What is the chance the procedure or treatment will be successful?
  7. What is the expected recovery time?
  8. What is the estimated cost, and do you think it will be covered by insurance?

Your doctor should be able to provide accurate information pertaining to each of your questions, so that you can make an informed decision.

Contact a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer if you would like to learn what qualifies as informed consent. A definition of it can be better explained by a legal professional who handles medical malpractice cases.