Attorney Meghan Lewallen Takes Leadership Roles in 2 Community Organizations April 5, 2019.

Attorney Meghan Lewallen has taken significant leadership roles in two charitable community organizations: the West Side Catholic Center, and The First Tee of Cleveland. We are proud of Ms. Lewallen and the vital work she provides through these organizations to help give back to our community and enrichen it.

Ms. Lewallen has been serving on the Associated Board at the West Side Catholic Center (WSCC) since December. The WSCC aims to provide individuals and families in need with food, clothing, shelter, and advocacy in their journey to become self-sufficient members of society. Established in 1977 by several local churches to address extreme poverty in the area, the WSCC is an independent non-profit organization that operates distinctly from the Catholic Dioceses and official Catholic Charities.

The WSCC’s charitable services also include:

  • Providing hot meals to those in need;
  • Collecting donations of clothing and household items;
  • Providing emergency services;
  • Advocating for those in poverty; and
  • Offering free shelter and housing solutions to the homeless.

Since this January, Ms. Lewallen has also been serving on the Ambassador’s Committee of The First Tee of Cleveland. The First Tee is a non-profit national organization with several chapters operating across the country that serve their local communities. The Cleveland chapter is dedicated to providing the city’s children with life and educational opportunities through golf.

Some of the helpful programs The First Tee of Cleveland provides include:

  • Summer golf camps
  • Partnerships with local youth programs
  • Connecting with elementary schools to contribute to physical education
  • The Doris A. Evans Merit Scholarship Award
  • The First Tee Scholars Scholarship Award

We excited to see how Ms. Lewallen can apply the ingenuity and dedication she exudes at The Mellino Law Firm LLC to the causes of the WSCC and The First Tee of Cleveland.

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