Bad Doctors Are Showing up in Illinois September 27, 2012.

The National Practitioners Data Bank keeps records on practicing doctors and finds bad doctors are flocking to Illinois.

Most people trust their doctors and never think that their doctor would harm them. The general belief is, when you make an appointment to see your practitioner, you will get quality medical service.

There are a few instances when that assumption is put to the test, particularly if you are searching for medical care in Illinois. It appears the state of Illinois is becoming a dumping ground for physicians with serious disciplinary actions taken against them, a fact that should worry patients needing medical care. It is the last thing a state would want to be known for, and it does not bode well for patients. In some cases, patients have suffered a variety of medical indignities, resulting in permanent, life-altering injuries.

In one case, a patient suffered a serious permanent injury thanks to a doctor who had been approved to practice medicine in that state, despite having six medical negligence lawsuits against him within a 10-year period and having several other states reject his application for a medical license.

In another instance, a patient’s family was met with the news their family member had died. They did not understand why and filed a wrongful death lawsuit. As it turned out, the doctor involved in the case had a series of reprimands on his file for giving inadequate care. However, that was not the only shocking discovery. The same doctor had his privileges suspended because his lack of care was a threat to patient safety. In this case, the doctor had delayed the care necessary to save the patient’s life.

Why is Illinois allowing these questionable doctors to practice on patients? It appears state officials are not adequately reviewing records in the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) prior to handing out a license to practice. Is this grounds to name them in a medical malpractice lawsuit? Quite possibly, yes, based on the fact that, but for their negligence in handing out a license to practice to a bad doctor, the patient in question would not be severely injured or dead.

The NPDB exists for a reason. It stands to reason that state officials should be using it to weed out the misfits. Patients should be protected. Granting a license to practice medicine to a doctor with a history of medical negligence is like shooting fish in a barrel.