Cleveland Attorney Reviews Ways You May Be Able to Prevent Anesthesia Mistakes November 27, 2012.

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to protect yourself from becoming the victim of a medical mistake, such as an anesthesia overdose. Anesthesia can cause complications despite the best efforts of the anesthesiologist and other professionals involved in your care. That being said, however, talking to your doctor can go a long way toward helping to prevent medical malpractice.

For starters, tell him or her about any medications you’re taking, whether they’re prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

Also be sure to tell your doctor if you have ever experienced problems during surgery, such as bleeding or difficulty waking up from anesthesia. You should also mention a family history of such complications.

Illnesses, infections, and other medical conditions can impact your tolerance for anesthesia. If you aren’t feeling well the day of your surgery, let the doctor know. It may not be safe to proceed with your operation.

Discuss allergies to medications and foods, and be sure to divulge alcohol, smoking, or illicit drug use.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, be sure that is noted on your chart.

Why Should I Trust Chris Mellino to Handle My Anesthesia Claim?

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