Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains Air Embolism Treatment June 28, 2012.

An air embolism occurs when air bubbles form in the vascular system. These air bubbles can block blood flow to the brain and heart, which sometimes results in death. If you believe a medical mistake caused an air embolism, we welcome you to contact our Cleveland office with questions and concerns.

Proper treatment for air embolisms is critical. One method is use of a hyperbaric chamber. Only skilled physicians with experience using hyperbaric chambers should attempt this treatment, since it involves increasing pressure in a chamber to decrease the size of the air bubbles.

If use of a hyperbaric chamber causes further injury, that doctor may be held liable in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Healthcare practitioners are expected to provide treatment with a reasonable level of skill and care. This determination is based on medical background and previous experience. An expert can compare that doctor to others with a similar background in order to discern whether the care provided fell below what is considered "reasonable." A doctor who administered treatment for an air embolism in a hyperbaric chamber would, therefore, be compared to other doctors who have experience administering this type of treatment. That expert would then testify as to what another doctor would have done in a similar situation.

Can I File a Medical Malpractice Claim for Air Embolism?

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