Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorney Shares 5 Tips on How to Choose a Trustworthy Hospital April 28, 2012.

In Cleveland, medical malpractice cases don’t always point the finger at the doctor. Many times nurses, assistants and even the hospital face severe consequences for the pain and suffering that the victim has sustained. These mistakes are costly and financially burdensome, which is why patients sometimes decide to sue a hospital for negligence to stay afloat financially.

You not only can prevent facing the physical and emotional consequences of medical mistakes, but also avoid having to deal with filing a medical malpractice claim by following these 5 tips.

  • Verify awards. You can find the various awards a hospital has received on billboards, newspapers and the hospital’s website. Just make sure it is credible and meaningful.
  • Find a clinic that is on your insurance plan. This can ensure your medical costs are in-network (and lower) and that the physicians you will use there are recommended.
  • Check its ratings. Consumer Reports offers hospital ratings based on previous patients’ experiences. These can present a great glimpse into the true way the hospital treats its patients.
  • Consult your primary care physician. Who do they recommend and why?
  • Ask a friend in the industry. Have a friend who is a doctor, nurse or medical worker? They likely will know the hospitals you should avoid.

Prevent having to sue a hospital for negligence by taking these steps to ensuring you have chosen the right hospital for your needs.

Help From an Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney

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