Cleveland Medical Malpractice Cases: How Much Can Be Awarded May 26, 2012.

Economic Damages

These types of damages refer to economic losses related to the medical malpractice case, such as medical expenses and lost wages. The laws in Ohio do not set limit for these damages.

Non-economic Damages

These types of damages refer to:

  • quality of life;
  • pain and suffering; and
  • disfigurement.

Since it is impossible to quantify these damages, the state of Ohio has identified specific award limits. Medical malpractice cases may receive up to $250,000 or three times the plaintiff’s economic loss, whichever is higher. The maximum amount awarded may not exceed $350,000 per plaintiff or $500,000 per occurrence.

Catastrophic Injury

An injury may be categorized as catastrophic if it involves the loss of:

  • a limb;
  • bodily organ; or
  • bodily system.

It also may apply if a permanent physical deformity resulted or if there is a permanent injury that prevents the victim from performing basic life skills. A plaintiff may be awarded up to $500,000 or up to a $1 million per occurrence.

What Damages Can I Pursue in a Medical Malpractice Claim?

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