Cleveland, Ohio, Attorney Discusses Liable Parties in Medical Malpractice Claim October 4, 2017.

More than one party can be held liable in a medical malpractice claim. For instance, if a surgeon perforates your bowel, bladder, or pancreas, you may be able to sue that doctor and the hospital. Attorney Chris Mellino welcomes you to contact our Cleveland office to determine who to hold accountable for your injury.

Hospitals and clinics can be held liable for negligence, if they:

  • don’t properly administer clinical tests or keep up-to-date medical records;
  • refuse to treat seriously ill or injured patients in emergency situations;
  • fail to ensure that their staff has adequate credentials (i.e., education, training, and licensing);
  • don’t have a sufficient number of nurses on duty to care for patients properly;
  • make medical decisions that disregard the primary physician’s orders;
  • allow patients to develop an infection while admitted; or
  • fail to report medical errors.

Mellino Law Firm combines specialized medical knowledge, exceptional trial skills, and superior negotiating talent to obtain full and fair compensation for clients. In the last three decades, we have established a network of resources to help analyze cases and make sure our clients are well-compensated for their injuries. We have also written the book on medical malpractice.