Client-Attorney Relationship in Ohio: Working with Your Lawyer and What Not to Do May 4, 2012.

The most dangerous impediment to a healthy, functioning client-attorney relationship is dishonesty. Working with your attorney in an open and honest manner is a crucial component to moving through your case as efficiently as possible. If you hold valuable information back from your attorney, especially in an injury case, you could be inadvertently hiding facts that could make a significant impact on the course of your claim.

Clients are often reluctant to share information that makes them feel embarrassed or ashamed, which is an understandable sentiment and quite human. However, your Cleveland personal injury lawyer is a trained professional who will not only withhold judgment, but who will also respect your confidentiality.

Anything you say to your attorney is protected by the client-attorney relationship privilege, so there is no reason to withhold any pertinent facts, and doing so can cost you in the long run.

Always be truthful when working with your lawyer. Any momentary discomfort or vulnerability you may feel will be outweighed by the benefit of knowing that your attorney has all the facts and can therefore more effectively pursue your case.

If you have been injured in an accident in Ohio, reach out to an attorney who understands the value of having a trustworthy advocate in your corner.

Help From a Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer

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