Coping with Depression After Surgery and Ohio Medical Malpractice April 18, 2012.

Many Americans deal with depression on a daily basis but this condition can appear in normally happy people after a surgery or a medical mistake. Physical conditions that create pain or require surgical procedures can cause patients to experience emotional distress over health implications and possible radical life changes.

If a medical mistake occurs during a surgery, these feelings can be intensified. So what can you do?

Check out these tips to help you cope with depression and anxiety related to medical issues.

  • Schedule worry – set aside a specific time lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour as designated "worry time." Try to clear your mind for the rest of the day and remind yourself "it’s not time to worry yet" to get you through. Once your time has arrived indulge and let yourself cry, scream – whatever it takes to make you feel better.
  • Research – being informed and educated on your surgery, illness or other complications can make you feel better than living in denial. Once you understand what it is you are dealing with you can accept it and work toward healing and recovering.
  • See a professional – ask your doctor or local hospital for a recommendation for a therapist who deals specifically with people dealing with medical issues. A professional can help you learn coping techniques and work with you to lessen your anxiety.

Going through a serious surgery or dealing with a medical mistake made by your doctor is not easy, but by using these tips you may be able find relief and peace of mind. You should also speak with an Ohio medical malpractice attorney to determine whether you can hold any parties accountable.

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