Did a Military Doctor Commit Medical Malpractice? August 18, 2012.

As anyone who’s received care at a military facility knows, it’s not the most conscientious care you’ll ever receive. Most facilities are huge, which means you get a different doctor each time you go. That also means that no one really gets to know you, and you’re basically just a patient number and chart to them.

Because they don’t know you as a person, many times they don’t write down exactly what needs to be written down. This increases the likelihood that you’ll fall through the cracks and suffer as a result.

If that happens, most military members figure they could just sue. However, filing a medical malpractice case isn’t easy because of the Feres Doctrine. This doctrine restricts who sue military doctors, or the U.S.government, when it comes to medical care. It was introduced in the 1950s because the military dealt with many lawsuits that it felt downgraded its integrity.

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