Doctor Error Prevention: Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney Tips for Staying Healthy April 27, 2012.

Doctors can sometimes misdiagnose a disease or condition. They may also neglect to review lab results or forget to call you about those results. To help prevent such mistakes from happening, take charge of your health by following these five steps.

  1. Get an annual physical.
  2. Know your family’s medical history, including genetic predispositions. Does high cholesterol run in your family? Knowing this can make you aware of what things you should avoid eating or doing.
  3. Get your blood and cholesterol screened. These are factors in the health of your heart and overall wellness.
  4. Women: get a yearly breast exam and pap smear. Men: get a yearly prostate exam.
  5. Get vaccinated. These can prevent you from contracting serious diseases and infections