Facing Malpractice in Cleveland? Know the Annual Cost of Hospital Acquired Infections January 31, 2012.

Hospital infection rates have been dropping, but they’re by no means rare. Hospital-acquired infections cost an average of $15,275 per patient to treat, and because Medicare announced that it would no longer reimburse hospitals or doctor’s offices for treatments or procedures resulting from preventable medical mistakes, the financial burden of the increased cost is displaced to the rest of medical patients. Others now pay more exorbitant fees for procedures and treatment.

The Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (RID) estimated the annual cost to treat patients who have acquired infections while at the hospital exceeds $30 billion.

Although programs are being tested across America that may stem the spread or contraction of infections, few hospitals have implemented these programs, citing cost as a prohibitive factor; however, RID reported that the average cost of implementing these surveillance programs is around $114,000 and saves an average of more than $1,500,000.

Although this is only a small step towards combating the human life loss and financial loss of hospital-acquired infections, it speaks volumes that so few hospitals have taken the initiative to implement such programs.

If you or someone you love has been injured or has contracted an infection following a routine medical procedure, surgery or treatment, contact a medical malpractice attorney who can help.

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