Finding a Cleveland Dentist You Can Trust After a Dental Medical Malpractice Claim June 6, 2012.

You may never want to set foot in a dentist’s office again because of one dentist’s negligence that required you to seek the help of a dental medical malpractice lawyer. While your feelings are understandable, you shouldn’t jeopardize the long-term health of your teeth because of your anxiety. Here are some pointers for finding a reputable Cleveland dentist who will be able to alleviate your concerns about continuing regular dental care.

  • Ask for recommendations from family members and friends. Specifically ask whether they’ve seen the dentist for non-routine dental work and what the outcome was. Someone whoknows that you’ve filed a dental medical malpractice claim may be more forthcoming about the details of their dental experiences.
  • Contact the local dental society in your community. Be sure to obtain at least 3 recommendations for a dentist in your area.
  • Check with your physician for a recommendation. If your anxiety is preventing you from seeing a dentist, also mention this to your doctor because you could be suffering from a general anxiety disorder or phobia that requires separate treatment.
  • Examine the license of the dentist under consideration with the Ohio State Dental Board. Through the board’s database, you can check the dentist’s education, license information, including expiration date, and whether any disciplinary actions have been taken against the dentist.
  • Visit the dentist’s office and talk with the dentist and dental staff. Ask questions about the dental procedures offered, theoffice hours, including after-hours emergency services, the turnover rate in the office, and safety protocols and patient-friendly practices. Assess the office’s mood and the staff’s demeanor and helpfulness in answering your questions.