Finding a Good Cleveland Medical Malpractice Lawyer August 26, 2012.

If you think you may have a solid medical malpractice case, finding a good lawyer can be difficult. This area of law is highly technical. It is also very expensive to litigate so many lawyers will refuse to take your case unless there are a lot of damages involved. Find out how to find the right Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer for your case.

You want to find someone who has a lot of experience handling cases similar to yours. Some law firms are very specific and only handle certain types of medical malpractice, such as birth injuries, prescription drug errors or surgical errors. You should also ask about their success record.

It is important to ask about fees. A medical malpractice case can cost $100,000 or more from to pay for research, court costs, and much more. The lawyer should have the resources to pay for everything up front and take on your case as a contingency. This means that they only get paid if you win.

Ask for references from friends and family. Or if you already know a lawyer in another field, ask for a referral. Search online for medical malpractice lawyers. Many websites allow consumers to rate the services of their lawyers. You may be able to get an idea of which lawyers are preferred over others.

If you need a highly experienced lawyer for your medical malpractice case, contact Mellino Law Firm, LLC. We are a Cleveland medical malpractice firm with more than 20 years of experience. We can give your case the attention it deserves. Contact us at (440) 333-3800.