Five Issues That Should be Documented on an Informed Consent Form September 17, 2012.

If you were injured, and believe that your doctor failed to inform you of the risks involved in a treatment or procedure, you may seek legal counsel. A Cleveland med mal lawyer can help determine if you have a valid claim.

Informed consent is important when a patient is undergoing most types of medical procedures, tests, or treatment. If informed consent is not provided, a medical malpractice claim may result if the patient suffers an injury.

Many times when a doctor tells a patient about risks involved in treatment or a procedure, no documentation is involved, and the patient may not be required to sign any papers.

However, there are certain procedures or treatments where the risks are significant enough that a patient should be provided a form to sign indicating that he or she understands the risks. This form can help document what the doctor has disclosed to the patient regarding the procedure, test, or treatment.

Be sure that the following five items are documented on an informed consent form:

  1. detailed information regarding the patient’s medical condition;
  2. reasons the treatment is recommended and possible benefits to the patient;
  3. description of the treatment and any potential risks;
  4. information on treatment alternatives and their risks and benefits; and
  5. potential consequences if the patient does not undergo the treatment.

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions about the five items that should be documented on a consent form. When a patient does not provide informed consent to undergo a particular procedure, test, or treatment, and it leads to injuries, legal action may be pursued.

Seeking Help from a Cleveland Med Mal Lawyer

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