How a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Can Help with Challenges of Raising a Birth-Injured Child May 29, 2017.

The Mayo Clinic describes cerebral palsy as a disorder that causes impairment due to damage to a developing brain, usually before or during birth. Typically, babies or preschool children display symptoms of this disorder. Levels of disability may vary by the individual. For instance, some children with cerebral palsy can walk and function well in school. Others are profoundly mentally and physically disabled. In either case, parents will need to invest extra time and money to care for a child with this disorder.

How Birth Trauma Leads to Cerebral Palsy

In some cases, cerebral palsy is caused by a genetic abnormality or even an illness during pregnancy. However, cerebral palsy can also be caused by preventable birth trauma. These traumas may result from breech births, complex deliveries, failure to recognize when the baby is not getting oxygen during contractions, or even Rh blood incompatibilities between the mother and the baby.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals who are involved in the birth should recognize these potential hazards and make decisions that account for them. If they don’t, medical errors could increase the risk of having a child who develops cerebral palsy. Parents and children who are victims of medical negligence that caused cerebral palsy deserve compensation to help them pay for the lifelong care for their child.

How a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Can Help Parents Raise a Birth-Injured Child

A cerebral palsy lawyer, with extensive experience in cases involving the disorder, has the resources to examine medical records and interview witnesses. They can access medical professionals who can help them review the evidence that they gather. An attorney can translate damages into a monetary sum that can fairly compensate parents for the extra time and money they will need to invest into raising a child with a disability. It’s almost impossible for parents to accomplish all of this on their own; however, an experienced cerebral palsy lawyer can make the process easier.

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