How Can I Find out If There Are Any Claims Against a Particular Doctor in Cleveland, Ohio? June 29, 2012.

Looking up to see if there has been malpractice claims filed against a doctor can be beneficial in two ways. It can prevent you from becoming the victim of medical malpractice and it can be used as evidence in another lawsuit for medical negligence, which is something a Louisville medical malpractice lawyer can help you with.

The first is to look up and contact the state medical board in which the doctor in question is certified. Most state medical boards have an online presence, which makes searching for claims filed against medical professionals easy and accessible; however, you may also choose to contact the board by phone or mail. Usually all you will have to do is enter their name and city. If disciplinary action has been taken against a doctor, it should usually be listed here.

Another option is to look up the clerk of courts in the area of which the doctor practices. These offices should also have websites where you can search for court records or other legal documents. It is important to remember that if claims against a medical professional are still pending or never went to court, they may not be available to the public.

In addition to these methods, you may also choose to do your own independent research by talking to other doctors or people in the medical field. Consumer feedback websites may also be a good place to start. Any Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer will tell you that one of the best ways you can protect yourself from being the victim of medical malpractice is to choose the right doctor.

If you have reason to believe your doctor has made a medical mistake and you would like to file claims against your doctor, Mellino Law Firm can assist you in starting the process and following it through until you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation today to initiate legal action at (440) 333-3800.