How Common Are Birth Injuries? June 11, 2020.

How Common Are Birth Injuries?

The birth of a baby should be one of the most joyous occasions for a family but negligent acts by medical staff can turn the event into a tragedy.

A birth injury is one of the most traumatic experiences a mother can endure and it can lead to lifelong disabilities for the child.

Understanding these trends can help parents know what to look out for to prevent a birth injury.

General Birth Injury Statistics

  • For every 1,000 infants born in the United States, approximately seven have a birth injury. Based on that number, this means that 28,000 babies are born with a birth injury every year.

  • In one year, nearly 157,700 potentially avoidable injuries occurred to mothers and newborns during childbirth.

  • Birth injuries are much more common among male babies. The injury rate per 1,000 births is more than 6.9 for boys while it’s 5.1 for girls. The main reason for this is that male babies are significantly larger, making it harder for them to pass through the birth canal.

  • More than 80% of reported birth injuries are classified as "moderate to severe," including broken bones, brain damage, and nerve damage.

  • Approximately 20% of infant fatalities are caused by birth injuries, making it the fourth-leading cause. The first three leading causes are congenital malformations, low birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome.

  • The highest birth injury rates involved vaginal births where instruments, such as forceps or vacuums, were used.

Legal Representation for Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

A birth injury can have a devastating impact on one’s life and lead to lifelong mental or physical impairments. If your child sustained an injury as a result of medical negligence, you can rely on our firm to hold the medical professionals accountable.

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