Do I Submit to a Medical Examination by a Doctor of My Insurance Company’s Choice? July 19, 2012.

Following a serious car accident you’ll likely undergo several medical examinations by medical personnel. When you file a personal injury claim for injuries from a car accident you may be told to submit to a medical examination by a doctor you are referred to by the insurance company. When this happens, your first step should be to talk to a Cleveland, OH personal injury attorney.

From the EMTs at the accident scene to specialist doctors at the hospital, you will need these assessments to determine treatment and also the value of your injury claim settlement. A medical examination is used in insurance claims to determine the severity of your injuries, the necessary treatment, and your long-term prognosis for recovery.

Remember that the insurance company is not in the business to hand out money, They will attempt to get you to accept the lowest settlement possible. This is why they say they require you to see their doctors for a medical examination, so they have someone on their side assessing the severity and cost of your injuries.

You should be comfortable with the doctors you see for your injury treatments, and in most cases you have the right to refuse a required medical examination as long as you obtain one from your own trusted physician.

You may need help saying no to the insurance company’s demand for you to see their doctors, which is where you can call in your Cleveland, OH personal injury attorney.

Don’t Submit to a Medical Examination Without Talking to An Attorney

When you are filing a personal injury claim you have the right to see the doctors you trust, rather than those suggested by the insurance company. If an insurance adjuster threatens your case if you refuse to submit to a medical examination, it’s time to contact us for a free consultation. Call today at (440) 333-3800.