Learn About HIE Awareness Month by Hope for HIE April 1, 2019.

Hope for HIE champions an important cause: spreading awareness and understanding of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). It does this primarily through its annual HIE Awareness Month campaign, which is going on now in April 2019. During this month, you will likely see printed, television, and online advertisements from Hope for HIE to invite you to learn more about HIE, its causes, its consequences, and how you can help the organization in its efforts.

The Mellino Law Firm LLC is proud to observe HIE Awareness Month. Throughout our numerous years of legal practice, here in Cleveland and beyond, we have stood by the side of parents whose children were born with HIE and fought for their right to compensation. As a brain injury that generally occurs during birth, HIE is often the end result of medical malpractice in the delivery room. It has been our honor to demand compensation and justice for wrongfully injured children and their parents, and we thanks Hope for HIE for helping more people understand what they are going through.

To learn more about Hope for HIE and HIE Awareness Month, check out their website. The organization’s website has useful information, as well as a link that allows you to donate to their cause, if you wish.

What is HIE Exactly?

The name hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy explains that HIE is caused by oxygen and blood flow being blocked or restricted, affecting the brain. When this restriction occurs during birth, it can be catastrophic for the newborn, who may suffer a permanent injury or disability as a result. Doctors need to be extremely careful and attentive while assisting with a birth to ensure the baby’s vital signs are healthy. Failing to notice fetal distress is one of the leading causes of HIE, which afflicts about 3 in every 1,000 babies in America.

Treating HIE is also a delicate process that requires careful medical procedures and occupation. As blood flow resumes and reaches the brain, it is possible for cells damaged by the initial restriction to release toxins into the bloodstream, further harming the brain. Various treatments like head-cooling have proven effective, and all medical professional assisting with the birth should be aware of the appropriate times to use these treatments.

Can You Sue If Your Child Was Born with HIE?

Yes, if there is any reason to believe that a medical provider’s mistake contributed to your child’s HIE, then you have the right to pursue compensation. Our attorneys from Mellino Law take away as much of the stress of filing a claim as possible by acting as your trusted legal representatives each step along the way. We know you are going through a lot, so let us do a lot for you in return. It is our goal to help you find compensation, justice, peace of mind, and a sense of closure through a successful claim or lawsuit.

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