Liability Issues in a Cleveland Truck Accident Claim September 14, 2012.

In a typical car accident claim, the liability often falls on the truck driver or the driver of the other car. A truck accident claim may not be that simple. The trucking industry is composed of many players, each of whom may have some sort of liability in a truck accident. A truck accident attorney in Cleveland may help sort things out.

In a truck accident claim, you and your lawyer may identify several potential defendants. They may include not only the truck driver, but also the company the driver works for, the truck owner, the truck leasing company, the shipper, and/or the loader. If the accident was caused by a parts defect, the manufacturer may be held liable as well.

Determining liability becomes problematic if the truck driver was a contractor. A lawyer will work to determine the relationship between the truck driver and any other parties. Many times, more than one party may be at fault, making a truck accident claim especially complex and challenging to prove.

Determining truck accident liability is just one challenge victims face in a truck accident claim. You and your lawyer will need to prove whose negligence contributed to your accident. Understanding the complexities of a truck accident claim may benefit you throughout the process.

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