Medical Errors Result in a High Death Toll July 29, 2009.

Sadly, medical errors that were preventable in the first instance are the reason that thousands of Americans are badly injured or die each year.

This is yet another great debate among trial lawyers, Cleveland malpractice lawyers, and the public in general, over the number of medical errors that were preventable. This subject inevitably comes up when anyone reads a story about medical negligence or is discussing how to reform the medical health system to prevent these errors. Actually, the core of the discussion is medical negligence resulting in medical errors.

It’s funny, but most people who wind up talking about this topic usually cut a wide swath around the issue of the inherent negligence, which is the underlying problem and causation of medical errors. Usually when this argument raises its ugly head, people dodge the real issues. When it comes to actually tackling negligence itself, there tends to be a resounding silence unless you have a chance to speak to a Cleveland malpractice lawyer well versed in the nuances of this debate.

Frankly, the only way to make a significant difference in the health care system today is to deal with the negligence that causes medical errors. If medical errors were reduced, many of the other companion problems would be addressed. This isn’t to say they would be one hundred percent resolved, but it would be a good start. Here is the real truth – if medical errors were decreased, the costs of health care would go down, medical malpractice insurance premiums would be scaled down and patients would remain healthy and safe. This is an opinion shared by many Cleveland malpractice lawyers.

If you seriously don’t think medical errors are that much of a problem, consider the fact that they cost the system close to $29 billion dollars a year. Yes, billion. A staggering number that is highly preventable if someone takes the bull by the horns about avoiding negligence and does something about it.

If you need further convincing, then do some research on the extent of medical errors as outlined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Their numbers estimate 15 million people are medically harmed every year. Don’t stop there, ask a highly skilled Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer what the real scoop is and be prepared for an honest and in-depth answer.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg that sank the Titanic. The unaddressed negligence issue will founder the medical care system if left unchecked. And yet, many Americans today remain unaware of the problem, and how all-encompassing it appears to be. This is really quite odd when you consider that one in three people has personally experienced a medical error and one in five were seriously harmed or died. What is even more interesting is that the public generally estimates death by medical error to be about 5,000 yearly, and not numbers running into the millions.

The odd twist to this debate is that while Americans think medical malpractice negligence suits are rampant, the reverse is really the truth. The problem is preventable medical errors causing serious harm and taking lives.

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