Medical Malpractice Suits Driven by Plaintiffs November 14, 2009.

Who drives medical malpractice lawsuits and are they as prevalent as people actually think?

In actual fact, lawsuits are usually driven by plaintiffs. If that is the case, then it is reasonable to assume that medical malpractice lawsuits are a rapidly burgeoning sector within the total lawsuit industry. It appears that med mal lawsuits are beginning to play a greater role than they have ever played before, for a variety of reasons.

There are recent surveys that indicate medical errors are on the increase even in the face of new technology. The reasons for that vary, but by and large the main reason for the increase in errors is a lack of time. In the 21st century the American health system is in total shambles and seriously overburdened. Doctors and other medical professionals are overworked and dead on their feet from trying to keep up with the constant demand for medical services.

While it’s nice to have new technology, it takes time to learn that technology and what it is able to achieve. If there is no time because the physicians are running to keep up with non-emergency cases, the hospital ERs are jammed with people who should not be there and the clock is ticking, medical errors will still happen.

The more medical mistakes happen, the greater the potential for lawsuits, as it seems that today’s patients are more aware of what constitutes medical malpractice and are willing to file a lawsuit to seek justice.

Never assume that you do have a case of medical malpractice without consulting with a highly trained medical malpractice attorney. Choose one who has an extensive record handling all kinds of medical malpractice suits, who knows how difficult these cases are and who is prepared to ensure you receive the proper compensation for any injuries you may have sustained.