Medical Negligence Can Occur When Things Happen Too Fast in the ER February 28, 2012.

If a medical mistake is to happen, it has a higher chance of happening in the ER. One mistake could cost your life.

There are times in just about everyone’s life where they need a trip to the ER. The thing is, once we get there, we have no control over who we get for a doctor and sometimes we do not even have a chance to give our consent in some instances. Emergencies do happen and sometimes the niceties of life are not observed when a life hangs in the balance.

With an emergency going on, it is not too surprising that mistakes can be made. Those mistakes may result in further serious injury or death. There are a variety of emergency room errors, but there are three fairly common ones: misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose or messing up test results. Mistakes in these areas have really serious consequences.

An example would be if you fell down a flight of stairs and hit your head. At the hospital you complain of tingling in your left arm, a sore neck and headache and your pain is not diminished with medications. You are sent home with some pain medications and told to rest, and that you likely wrenched your shoulder badly.

Overnight, your speech starts to slur, you have trouble walking and by morning you need an ambulance. Your diagnosis, given by another doctor, is internal brain bleeding, the result of traumatic brain injury. You need immediate surgery and may or may not lose the ability to walk.

The night before when you were in the ER, you did not display the usual signs of traumatic brain injury. The doctor did not order an MRI or any other test that would have detected traumatic brain injury. Not giving you the right type of tests that would have been indicated by the fact that you fell and hit your head would be a misdiagnosis. And, because of the misdiagnosis you may sustain irreparable brain damage or die if the surgery does not go well due to the 24-hour delay.

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