Medicare Fraud Protection Tips August 29, 2012.

Medicare fraud happens more often than you might think. But there are ways you can protect yourself. For help in determining if you have a valid case, contact a Cleveland Medicare fraud attorney.

One of the ways you can protect yourself from Medicare fraud is to guard your Medicare card and number just as you would your Social Security card and number. If you card becomes lost or stolen, immediately report it.

You should also thoroughly review your Medicare Summary Notice, bills, explanation of benefits, and credit reports. You may notice discrepancies that could be an indication of fraud.

In addition, there are certain things that a supplier, healthcare provider, or doctor may do that should also raise suspicions. For instance, if you are offered free equipment or services, but then you are asked to supply your Medicare number, it may be a sign you are about to become a victim of fraud.

At any time your number is asked for, whether you are told it is for recordkeeping purposes or any other reason, you should be wary. Additionally, if pressure is placed on you to purchase expensive medical equipment or services, or to undergo diagnostic tests, this is a red flag.

When you believe that you have been the victim of Medicare fraud in Cleveland, Ohio, you will need to report it. You should also seek legal counsel.

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