Noisy Hospitals May Impact Patient Health in a Negative Way August 26, 2012.

Being in the hospital isn’t typically a pleasant experience for anyone and it can become even worse if you can’t get the rest you need to heal and recover from an injury or illness. Many patients in hospitals complain that noises from machines and electronics, overhead paging and chatty staff members are making it hard to sleep. While these may seem like annoyance’s that you just have to put up with when staying in the hospital, there’s something you can do about them.

Reacting to the results of studies from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and John Hopkins, many hospitals have enlisted the help of acoustical engineers to identify ways to deal with noise in a way that’s better for patients such as sound absorbing floors and posted hours of "quiet time"; however, if you’re not in one of these hospitals, the following are ways you can get some shut-eye:

  • ask the nurse to turn off an IV or other alarm that sounds often;
  • ask to close the room door;
  • request a fan or other electronic that can muffle outside noises with "white noise"; and
  • alert the head nurse if staff conversations in the hallway get too loud.

A study published in Medical News Today found that noise can increase someone’s heart rate. This is imperative for someone who is recovering from a serious heart condition.

There are certain actions that may be considered negligence and if this behavior has resulted in worsening your condition or lead to death, a claim may be pursued. It’s best to contact Mellino Law Firm to discuss your legal options at (440) 333-3800.