Ohio Car Accident Attorney: The Insurance Coverage You Need May 22, 2012.

After you are involved in a car accident that leaves you injured and/or with a large amount of property damage you will be likely hearing from the insurance company.

Any car accident attorney will tell you that the amount and type of auto insurance coverage you have will affect your ability to file a claim and how much compensation you are eligible to receive. That is why it is important to understand the insurance requirements and laws in Ohio before you are in a car accident.

What are Ohio’s car accident insurance laws and requirements?

In the state of Ohio the law states that it is illegal to drive or operate a vehicle without insurance. Driving another person’s vehicle without insurance, or proof of insurance, is also illegal. The state also sometimes refers to these requirements as "Financial Responsibility" or FR requirements.

When purchasing insurance for your car in Ohio you must have certain types of coverage included in your policy to meet the minimum standards required by law. Ohio law requires the following types of insurance coverage Bodily Injury Liability Coverage and Property Damage Liability Coverage.

Bodily injury liability coverage will protect you in the event that you are at fault in an accident that causes someone to be injured. It will cover the medical expenses for passengers in your car and the driver and passengers of the other car that you are responsible for. Bodily injury liability coverage will also typically cover legal fees that you may encounter after a car accident.

Property damage liability coverage will pay for damage to property (i.e. the vehicle and possessions inside of it) in a car accident that you caused. The coverage includes payment for labor and parts for repair but also possessions that were in the car that may have been destroyed in the accident. In addition to vehicle coverage, if you happen to damage a stationary object such as a mailbox or building, it will be included.

Not only are these types of coverage required but there is also a minimum amount of protection you must purchase when acquiring auto insurance.

The required minimum for bodily injury liability coverage is $12,500 per person injured in any one accident and $25,000 for all persons hurt in any one accident. For property damage liability coverage the minimum is $7,500 for injury or property damage in any one accident.

By purchasing the minimum requirements you will be in accordance with Ohio car accident insurance laws however, buying extra coverage is recommended.

For instance, if you are involved in an accident with a luxury vehicle you end up having to pay much more for repairs than the minimum will cover or if a person is critically injured in an accident that you were at fault for may lose your personal assets if you cannot cover their medical care.

Limited Income and Cannot Afford Extra Car Accident Insurance

By doing a quick Internet search or by calling several companies you should be able to find an insurance company who will offer you more than the minimum coverage for a price that you can afford. Ohio insurance rates rank as the 13th lowest rate in the country. Any car accident attorney will tell you that opting for additional protection will be worth it in the event that you are in serious accident.

If you have questions about purchasing car accident insurance or how to deal with a car insurance adjuster after an accident an attorney can help you. Remember that while insurance is intended to protect you, things can change after an accident when trying to collect compensation or defend yourself in a claim. That is why hiring an attorney who understands the intricacies of dealing with adjusters and claims is the best choice.