Ohio Malpractice Claim: Anesthesia Risks and Errors October 3, 2013.

As with any surgical procedure, being sedated poses risks. Although some anesthesia complications are the result of unforeseeable circumstances, others may be attributed to human error. When these instances of medical negligence cause catastrophic injuries or death, the patient or his/her family may have grounds to file a medical malpractice claim.

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It has been estimated that approximately 1 in every 250,000 patients dies due to anesthesia complications. Other serious risks include coma and brain damage.

How Do Anesthesia-Related Injuries Occur?

  • dosage errors;
  • delayed anesthesia delivery;
  • intubation errors or failure to intubate;
  • neglecting to monitor a patient during and after a procedure;
  • failing to recognize or diagnose complications, such as an allergic reaction;
  • ignoring or failing to use the pulse oximeter;
  • insufficient oxygen administration during the operation;
  • alcohol or substance abuse by the medical care provider;
  • defective equipment or equipment error;
  • clerical or administrative errors;
  • prolonged sedation; and
  • communication errors, such as failure to give the patient proper instructions about eating and drinking prior to surgery.

Most of us don’t anticipate our healthcare practitioner making a mistake, which is why we feel so unprepared to deal with the consequences when an error occurs.

How Do I File an Anesthesia Mistake Lawsuit?

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