Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains Prescription Negligence May 7, 2012.

Although the purpose of prescription medication is to help us feel better, many times it can cause the opposite effect. Astonishingly, more than 1 million prescription errors happen in the United States alone every year. If you believe you are a victim, contact an Ohio medical malpractice attorney.

Medical professionals and pharmacies can administer the wrong dosage or even the wrong medication altogether, causing injury, pain and even death. Although many incidences of prescription negligence are minor, serious injuries can result. Many doctors are unaware of their patients’ full medical history, allergies or other drugs they are taking. In addition, they may lack updated information about side effects and drug/drug interactions.

Prescription negligence may also occur on the pharmacists’ end. Poor communication regarding correct medication and dosages, such as illegible handwriting, can cause incorrect medications to be prescribed and overdoses to occur. Inappropriate package labeling can also be a factor. In addition, excessive noise and interruptions can cause pharmacists to be distracted, resulting in mislabeled drugs or inappropriate dosages.

You can prevent prescription negligence by being proactive. Inform your doctor of any other drugs you are currently taking, as well as any allergies. You should also confirm the drug name and exact dosage you are being prescribed and compare this with the pharmacy.