Ohio Medical Malpractice: Talking To Your Kids About Your Illness of Injury May 2, 2012.

If you’re filing an Ohio medical malpractice claim because you were hurt by a doctor’s error, your attorney can help you with the legal aspects of the case. At home, however, you have challenges to handle as you manage your health issues.

If you’re a parent, one of the hardest aspects of living with an illness or injury is the way it can affect your relationship with your children. Your condition might:

  • make it hard for you to be as physically active as you used to be;
  • cause you to sleep more;
  • facilitate mood changes; or
  • instigate side effects from treatments.

It’s best to talk to your children about what’s going on. Kids are perceptive and will see the changes happening at home, even of they don’t fully understand the specifics. The way that you explain the situation depends on the child’s age.

There are books and films available that can help a parent explain illness, injury or disability to their children. Some of these are geared toward specific conditions, so you can have detailed advice on how to communicate the facts.

Having a sick parent can be scary. Children just want to know that they are loved and that there will always be someone there to take care of them. It’s important that you communicate this assurance to them frequently. If possible, join support groups for parents with injuries or disabilities so you and your child can find friends who are in similar circumstances to your own.

Contacting an Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney

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