Ohio Medicare Fraud Signs from a Cleveland Medicare Fraud Attorney September 14, 2012.

Before you become a victim of Medicare fraud, learn these warning signs explained by a Cleveland Medicare fraud attorney at Mellino Law Firm, LLC.

Medicare fraud costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year. It can sometimes be difficult to detect when this is happening, so you need to be vigilant. Knowing some of the signs of fraud can help protect you.

Warning signs of Medicare fraud in Ohio include:

  • medical supplier bills for supplies or equipment that you have never received;
  • doctor says you need to undergo a procedure or test that isn’t necessary;
  • Medicare is double billed for a procedure or test you had;
  • receiving equipment that is off-brand, defective, or worn but Medicare is charged for a name brand or high quality product;
  • charges show up on bill for services never rendered; and
  • laboratory tests run without doctor’s request.

These are just some of the signs that may indicate something isn’t right. When you have been a victim, it is important to report Medicare fraud immediately.

Seeking Help from a Cleveland Medicare Fraud Attorney

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