Seatbelt-Related Injuries in a Car Accident September 6, 2012.

Seat belts save lives, but they can also cause injury in a car accident. Some of the most common seatbelt injuries include:

  • traumatic bowel injuries that can result from the force of the seatbelt against the intestines;
  • seatbelt abrasions that can be superficial or cut into the skin;
  • lower back or spinal nerve damage as a result of restriction during impact;
  • whiplash injuries that result from sudden movement of the head and neck on impact;
  • kidney damage;
  • fractures;
  • concussions and contusions, as well as head and brain trauma; and
  • paralysis, disfigurement or paraplegia.

Seatbelts are designed to keep drivers safe, but there are some cases in which they can exacerbate other injuries or cause problems on their own. It’s important to discuss the seatbelt injuries in your car accident claim with a Cleveland personal injury attorney.

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