Size Counts When It Comes to Birth Injuries April 23, 2010.

It’s fairly well-known that a low birth weight may cause health problems. Not many people realize a larger baby may also cause problems.

"Birth injuries are one of the most disturbing areas of law in which to practice. The future of that child has been compromised by carelessness or negligence. Things like that tear a family apart emotionally, mentally and physically; the guilt they feel is tremendous and they want justice for their child," outlined Christopher Mellino, a medical malpractice lawyer, of the Mellino Law Firm LLC in Cleveland, Ohio.

Birth injury medical malpractice may happen for a variety of reasons, and one of them relates to the size of the fetus. Premature babies are subject to a number of illnesses because they are not fully developed in order to withstand the rigors of the harsh world in which they find themselves.

Larger babies may possibly have gestational diabetes and their size is an issue when it comes to attempting a normal, vaginal birth. It’s often safer if a large baby is delivered by C-section or induced earlier before they reach full term. "If neither of these two things happen, the results can be painful for the mother and catastrophic for the baby in terms of crush injuries, lack of oxygen during birth and other injuries that may happen due to medical intervention; e.g., shoulder dystocia, or Erb’s palsy," said Mellino.

Another thing that has the potential to cause birth injuries is cephalopelvic disproportion, meaning the mother’s pelvis (shape and size) is not favorable to having a natural birth. Many women with this condition will ultimately have C-sections. "It is vital this disorder be diagnosed early so when the time comes for giving birth, preparations will be in place for a C-section rather than attempt to deliver naturally," Mellino added.

Difficult and hard labor may cause birth injuries as well and the baby may begin to lose oxygen. When this happens, the child may suffer brain damage. It’s a touch and go situation for the mother as well, and at this point, if the doctor is not paying careful attention to the fetal monitor, they may miss signs of fetal distress. If prompt action is not taken, the end result may be brain damage for the baby.

The position of the baby prior to its birth needs to be head down in the womb. "If it is in another other position, there are a variety of ways to turn the child or adjust its position, but this has to be done with great care. Extraction methods may also cause a baby severe damage," explained Mellino.

Most often a birth will go without a hitch and mother and baby will be just fine. However, if someone has had a child and their child was injured during the birth, it would be wise to speak to a birth injury medical malpractice lawyer. Not all birth injuries are the result of negligence. For instance, some brain injuries happened in the womb, as a result of an infection the mother may have had.

"Each case is different and speaking to a med mal lawyer will clarify issues about your case and give you a certain understanding about medical negligence and how a case would be built and proceed to settlement or court," indicted Christopher Mellino, a medical malpractice lawyer, of the Mellino Law Firm LLC in Cleveland, Ohio.