TBI Does Not Just Affect the Brain February 7, 2011.

Many people associate traumatic brain injury (TBI) with an injury to the actual brain. TBI does not just affect the brain.

There are a lot of symptoms that rear their ugly heads after a victim has sustained a traumatic brain injury. While most people associate this type of injury with just the brain being "hurt," there are other repercussions people do not even think about. One of the other side effects of a TBI is inner ear problems – most commonly hearing loss and ringing in the ears.

You are probably aware that the other name for ringing in the ears is tinnitus. The latest research shows that the ringing is not actually in your ear, but is caused by misfiring neurons in your brain. It is not too much of a stretch to understand why you might experience tinnitus after sustaining a TBI. It is also not so mysterious that you may lose your hearing, as nerves damaged in the brain that affect hearing may have been compromised.

There are also other types of hearing problems that TBI victims may have to deal with. These may include finding that everyday, normal situations are overly loud (hyperacusis), having difficulty sorting out one group of sounds from any background noise and/or a type of deafness where the individual cannot recognize what certain sounds mean.

TBI injuries usually cause various difficulties physically, mechanically and neurologically; problems that result from the inner ear and/or temporal lobes being bruised, damaged or crushed. Obviously, TBI hearing repercussions are no picnic and may be permanent.

If you think those particular problems would be bothersome and frustrating, consider what it would be like to also have to learn new information, because what you did have or know is gone; having to relearn spatial orientation, how to complete tasks, how to control your impulses and how to have a sociable conversation. If this sounds like starting all over again, you would be pretty close in your assessment. TBI injuries are far reaching, devastating and for survivors, supremely aggravating and frustrating.

If you have suffered a TBI and are facing situations like the ones we just discussed, you will want to talk to a skilled Cleveland lawyer. How you got your TBI is likely the result of someone else’s negligence and to be able to live life as best as you can with your injury, you will need fair compensation.