The Mistakes That Lead to a Wrong Amputation April 8, 2020.

The Mistakes That Lead to a Wrong Amputation

For a procedure as life-changing and severe as an amputation, one would think that surgeons would take extra measures to ensure that no mistakes are made. Yet, these unthinkable mix-ups, such as amputating the wrong body part, occur more often than one may believe.

If you have experienced this kind of horrific mistake, a medical malpractice lawyer can help you hold negligent medical professionals responsible.

Preventing Wrong Amputations

Many wrong-side amputations occur before patients even get in the operating room. Some errors originate with other doctors or staff, rather than surgeons, who may mix up patient records, X-rays, biopsy samples, and the diagnosis process. Generally, all these mistakes can be traced back to some form of miscommunication.

According to the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, there are steps surgeons can follow to combat the chances of a surgical error or wrong amputation, including:

  • Marking the operation site and involving patients in the process

  • Requiring oral verification of the correct site by each member of the operating team

  • Following a verification checklist that ensures that the limb being amputated is the correct limb and that the limb is in need of amputation

  • Directly involving the operating surgeon in the informed consent process

  • Engaging in ongoing monitoring to make sure verification procedures are followed

Amputations of the wrong limb can lead to serious physical and emotional damage. Even by following the steps above, surgeons and medical professionals are not immune to making mistakes.

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