Types of Compensation Available in Ohio Med Mal Cases February 9, 2017.

After a medical malpractice injury, you will most likely want to know what compensation is available to you after an Ohio med mal case, especially if you are left with life-altering injuries.

Victims of medical malpractice can get compensation for past and future medical bills as well as lost wages from missing time at work. If you can return to work, but your injuries prevent you from doing the same job as prior to being injured, you can be compensated for the loss of earning capacity, or future lost wages. You can also be compensated for pain and suffering and the emotional trauma of not being able to lead a normal life.

In severe disabling injuries, a medical malpractice lawyer can identify what types of therapies are available, or could be available in the future, and fight for compensation for future medical therapies. There are many types of compensation that are available to victims of Ohio medical malpractice cases. Find out more about your rights and what compensation is available in your case by calling Chris Mellino, a skilled Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer, at (440) 333-3800 for a free consultation. You can order his FREE book or view his website at https://www.christophermellino.com to see what types of financial compensation his past clients have received.