Warnings Signs When Looking for an Ohio Malpractice Attorney January 21, 2012.

When you’re looking for an Ohio malpractice attorney to represent you in your claim, you’re looking for someone who can defend your rights, represent your interests, and help you determine if your case falls within the parameters of what is considered medical malpractice.

But you may find that not all attorneys are as reliable as others. We’ve all heard the stories of those attorneys who are out-and-out "bad," there are some warning signs for which you should be on the lookout:

  • Charging for a consultation – attorneys rarely, and shouldn’t, ask potential clients to sign an employment contract before meeting with you for a consultation. If an attorney is unwilling to listen to the details of your case before taking you on, it’s unlikely that he or she has your best interests at heart.
  • Upfront fees – most attorneys charge on a conditional fee agreement, which means that they only recover something if you’re awarded a settlement; therefore, there should be no upfront fees.
  • Recovery guarantees – no attorney can tell you with certainty that you’ll win your claim, or what your recovery amount will be. If a lawyer tries to tell you in your consultation that you can get $10,000, $100,000, or even $500,000 for your claim, guaranteed, something is probably awry.

Attorneys, like clients and cases they represent, aren’t "one size fits all," so take the time to consult with all the Cleveland, Ohio attorneys on your list before you hire one or the other.