What Is Factored in to a Medical Malpractice Settlement in Cleveland, Ohio? July 16, 2012.

When you are pursuing a medical malpractice settlement, there are three main elements factored into what you will receive. Considering there is significant details surrounding these elements, it is wise to consult a Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer for help.

First, the amount of actual financial damages will be considered. This includes expenses related to your injuries including medical bills, lost wages, and other bills that you may encounter. Certain accidents may require extensive medical care and extended periods of missed work.

Second, non-economic damages will be considered. Non-economic damages account for the emotional and physical pain and suffering you have endured as a result of the accident. It is not uncommon for victims of medical malpractice to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and/or symptoms of depression.

Lastly, punitive damages are considered. Punitive damages are typically awarded as a way to "punish" the malicious or negligent defendant in question. Punitive damages are not commonly awarded though. It usually depends on the severity of the situation and the details of how the malpractice occurred.

Since the expense associated with taking a claim to court can be very high, many large companies, hospitals, and doctors will first attempt a medical malpractice settlement out of court. A Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer will work on your behalf to make sure the aforementioned elements are represented in your settlement whether your case goes to court or not.

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